Chucky and Horseman Costume

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Chucky and Horseman Costume

Chucky and Horseman Costume

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  • Classic Chucky costume inspired by the iconic horror movie villain
  • Authentic replica with a detailed one-piece design
  • Sinister red wig included for a complete look
  • High-quality materials for a realistic and durable costume
  • Designed to terrify friends and family

This classic Chucky costume is an authentic replica of the iconic horror movie villain. With a detailed, one-piece design and a sinister red wig, this high-quality costume will terrify your friends and family. For a Halloween look that's sure to stand out, try the Chucky costume. Complete your look with the included Horseman mask. Crafted with realistic detail and materials, this mask will make your costume truly stand out and will help you make a lasting impression.


Size Guide

Chucky Size Chart

 Size(cm) S M L XL
Neck 20-25 25-28 28-33 31-38
Bust 28-38 38-45 45-52 52-57


Horseman Size Chart

 Size(cm) S M L
Neck 28-25 30-43
Bust 40-50
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