Eco Friendly Poop Bags

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Eco Friendly Poop Bags

Eco Friendly Poop Bags

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  • Eco-Friendly and durable for environmentally friendly waste disposal
  • Made of durable, degradable material that breaks down over time
  • Helps keep the environment clean and reduces plastic waste
  • Provides a responsible and hygienic solution for handling dog waste

Looking for a degradable dog poop bag that is both Eco-Friendly and does the job? Look no further than our Dog Poop Bag! This Puppy Outdoor Tool Toilet Pet Cat Garbage Bag is perfect for scooping up your dog's waste while you're out on a walk. The bag is made of durable, degradable material that will break down over time, making it easy on the environment. Plus, the bag is leak-proof and has a built-in dispenser, making it easy to grab and go. So ditch the plastic bags and pick up a Dog Poop Bag today!

Size Guide

Opened : 12.99 inches x 9.05 inches

Rolled : 2.36 inches x 1.18 inches

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