Self Cleaning Grooming Brush

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Self Cleaning Grooming Brush

Self Cleaning Grooming Brush

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  • Arc high-density needle comb for deep fur cleaning
  • Removes inner layer of shedding hairs
  • Clean floating hair comb smooths hair without skin damage
  • Provides comfortable massage while effectively combing dog's hair
  • One click cleaning action
  • Multi-color options for a fashionable and charming pet appearance

Arc high-density needle comb goes deep into the bottom of the fur to easily remove the inner layer of shedding small hairs Clean the floating hair comb, which can smooth the hair without damaging the skin. Massage it comfortably and comb the pet's hair effectively. It can be washed with water to avoid cleaning troubles. Multi-color optional fashion appearance, happy pet shows charming appearance. It's also designed to be gentle on your pet's skin, giving them a relaxing and comfortable brushing experience. The brush is easy to use and maintain, making your pet grooming routine effortless and enjoyable. This brush is designed to be convenient for both you and your pet. It offers an effortless and pleasant grooming experience that will leave your pet's fur and skin feeling healthier than ever.

Product Size: 21.6 x 7.2 x 8.5cm

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